CareRise Has Brought Change to the World of Risk Management.

CareRise was founded in April of 2000 to offer the healthcare and insurance industries a ‘first-of-its-kind’ risk management service – one that combines ‘on the ground,’ clinically-driven technical support with world-class technology.

For its creation, CareRise has been awarded United States Patents in 2008, 2010, and 2014.

The aim of all CareRise programs and services is to ‘exceed industry standards’—as it relates to quality care, risk management performance, and universal safety.

Delivered With Care And Compassion

Our goal remains to be the finest risk management resource available in the marketplace—for our healthcare ‘provider’ clients and to our industry business partners.

We remain focused on providing the most effective services and platforms—continuously-aimed at the highest levels of patient safety and quality care, coupled with superior underwriting intelligence.

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Turnkey Universal Risk Management Programs

For insurers and the insured client healthcare facilities. Programs that drive quality and go beyond just a policy.

CareRise Clients Experience

55%Better in Claims Frequency 40%Better in Severity per Claim

How CareRise Helps You

Personalized Support

Our professional risk managers work directly with our clients to lower the risk of claims, and concurrently, enhance all levels of safety and quality care.

A Proactive Approach

Our programs are focused on all areas of risk—assessing, monitoring, and initiating all support needed for optimum performance—for our clients and business partners.

Comprehensive Service Delivery

CareRise spares no expense in delivering 'the gamut' of quality improvement and risk management services to its clients. From on-going, on-site support to real-time reporting, CareRise clients are empowered with all of the tools to help them achieve or maintain success.


CareRise is honored to have brought this service to the healthcare and insurance industries, and has been awarded U.S. Patents for its creations—in 2008, 2010, and 2014.


With over fourteen years of actuarial data, it is well established that CareRise client facilities experience significantly lower claims experience, while improving the overall quality of care.

From The Founder

A personal message from Tim

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